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Gios Table Bookings

If you are trying to book for more than 8 people, please contact us by email or phone as we need to take a few extra details. Please do not add more people simply by writing a note to us in the additional information section. 
To book a table for the same day, please give us a call and announce your arrival over the phone with us. We are not necessarily fully booked, we just do not want to miss your booking as all online reservations are checked by a human; this is why the date will be blocked out. 
Someone will be available to take your call from 2pm Tuesday – Thursday and from 11am Friday and Saturday.


What to know before you go 

Important dining information

We have a 15 minute grace period. Please call us if you are running later than 15 minutes after your booked time.

We may contact you about this booking, so please ensure your email and phone number are up to date.

Your table will be booked for 1 hour 30 minutes for parties of up to 2; 2 hours for parties of up to 4; 2 hours 30 minutes for parties of up to 6; and 3 hours for parties of 7+.